My books hit the road: Mississagi, Ontario

Patti sends photos: “Jo ‘n’ Evan camping at Mississagi Provincial Park, north of Elliot Lake ON — it’s a piece of heaven, minus the bad guys and the poisonous snakes (does contain old mines).”

Hmm. Looks to me like The Nightmare Thief is trying to creep into that tent to terrorize you. Or, since it’s Canada, terrorise you. As well it should.

4 responses to “My books hit the road: Mississagi, Ontario

  1. Looks like a great spot to camp. That view is incredible. Nice shots, Patti!

  2. Now there’s a loyal fan. A Hardcover book on a Camping Trip.

  3. Alas, Susan, no–it’s a trade paperback (although there was some concession of backpack space for it–perhaps that’s why I didn’t bring a hairbrush). Your kayak would like Mississagi.

    Dan, it’s a stunning park, almost as beautiful as Killarney PP and not nearly as busy.

  4. Yeah, tough decision, eh? Hairbrush in the wilderness (to impress the bears) or Meg’s latest book.

    I checked the location of Mississagi (not to be confused with the dormitory community near Toronto) and it’s about double the distance from home as Algonquin. Perhaps next year. Time is tight this summer.

    And by next year, there will be another Jo/Evan adventure to take along. Or maybe Evan/Jo…? Nudge nudge.

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