A rose for an August afternoon

Because we all need flowers, and it’s Saturday. And this rose was starting to look a little like a Picasso.

12 responses to “A rose for an August afternoon

  1. Thank you for this visual poem. It fits in very well with the relational poetry that I’m involved with, having all three of my children in my home at once these past couple of weeks. Both tales are rare and beautiful.

  2. Eddie: that’s lovely.

    Monita: Yes — my back yard.

  3. Wow, Meg, how beautiful! Thanks for sharing it with us.

  4. How extravagant!

  5. gorgeous color.

  6. So beautiful…

  7. More roses, less riots… That’s my motto.

  8. Amen, Dan. Isn’t there also a “Peace Rose”?

  9. I’m with you, guys.

  10. Just had a *slaps head* moment this morning. One of my sons was looking over my shoulder while I was looking at your roses, we were talking about how lovely your garden must look. Then after a moment of quiet he says to me: “Mum, what’s Meg’s last name again?”
    “Gardiner….. oh duh!” 😳 😀

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