London riots

Horrifying, cruel, selfish, disgusting. I’m confounded right now.

22 responses to “London riots

  1. I agree, completely. What’s happening is sickening. Are you back home? You guys stay safe there, okay?
    (((Meg’s Clan)))

  2. I’m fairly certain Meg lives in Surrey which is crrently not affected by the riots and let’s hope it stays that way.

    What gets me is people criticising the Met and the police in general I mean they’re damned if they do and they’re damned if they don’t. Bottom line the police would not need to be there if people weren’t such opportunistc little so and so’s and actually did something with their lives instead of just waitng for it to fall in their lap.
    There’s no exscuse I’m 20 I currently live in an area where there are very jobs but am I taking things that aren’t mine? No. I’m actually off my arse and looking for a job, any job.
    They’re doing it because they can and they enjoy it. Nevermind the majority of people are scared out of their mind that the riots are going to come to their area now as long they’ve got a new pari of trainers that they didn’t pay for.

    I can’t really think of anything posistive that will come out of this and the whole situation makes sad and ashamed to be honest.

  3. Thanks for the good wishes, Flakes. Holly is right — I live outside of central London in an area that so far hasn’t had any rioting. But I have many friends who live in affected areas, and it’s worrying. I’ve just told my son to get home from Kingston Upon Thames before four p.m. Frickin’ Kingston, where our family goes for Wagamama’s and movies, and where Jamie Oliver has a restaurant. And I got a message from a librarian in London who’s manic. I’m sure they’re working on a plan to protect the library if things get bad again tonight.

    It’s sickening. I just heard a young teenage girl tell a BBC reporter, “Respect us or we won’t respect you. And when you don’t respect us, this is what you get.” She sounded so smug that I could barely grasp it. “This is what you get” includes: women leaping from upper floors of blazing flats, and families fleeing burning apartment buildings carrying little kids in pajamas — buildings set on fire by looters so they could distract the police, tie down the fire brigade, and have free range. Free range to trash charity shops that raise money for cancer patients, and tear through department stores like locusts, and rob seriously injured people at their leisure, and attack paramedics and firefighters.

    Holly, I hope your neighborhood’s safe. Good luck with everything.

  4. I was listening to two girls talking to a BBC reporter saying that they hope it’s goes on tonight and that its been fun.
    My friends in Kingston were telling me that there was pretty heavy police presence last night and that they were kicking everyone out pubs early and just advising people not to go there. It’s ridiculos the amount of fear these people have caused. To be fair I think Hounslow would be much more likely to be hit but I just hope it stops now enough is enough.

  5. This seemed to come out of nowhere. I haven’t seen any real information. What started this and who are these deranged creatures causing all the damage? In this country looters can be shot. Do they have the same outlook in London?

  6. I’m just home from an IT free (and relatively news free, too) holiday, and find it hard to believe what’s been going on. Makes me feel both angry and a little ashamed. What’s this country coming to?

    And no, Rich, in the UK they are not allowed to shoot looters. I for one would be quite happy to see them call in the army (armed) to help the police restore and keep law and order.

    • Very happy to hear that you and your family are safe, DJ–I was thinking of you earlier today.

      • Thanks, Flake. The only riots where I live are when the old folks’ bingo is cancelled, so it’s pretty peaceful. And when I say where I live, I mean where I currently live. ‘Cause in two months we’re gonna be virtually neighbours.

  7. DJ: Are you upping sticks for the Antipodes?

    • Yup.

      I work for one of the quangos the UK government have decided to cull as part of their measures to deal with the economy, so in October we’re emigrating to New Zealand, land of the kiwi, silver fern, haka and Flake. It’s gonna be an adventure!

      • We will be very pleased to have you! (You might want to wait out the cold spell though…)
        Keep me posted, do you have any work lined up?

  8. What started as an angry post has improved with news of a great adventure. DJ, we’ll miss you in England and want to hear how the move goes!

  9. Start work 7th Nov, Flake. And Possum Throwing sounds like an essential skill.

  10. Congratulations on the work position! Will you be here in time for the Rugby World Cup?
    (I’m going to be doing very little from early September through ’til late October. Oh, and I think Possum Throwing may be included in the Opening Ceremony…)

    • Watching the All Blacks play the Springboks on TV right now — a packed Nelson Mandela Stadium is singing in an attempt to drown out the haka. My son is envious that you’re Kiwis. He saw the Crusaders play at Twickenham this year, got within 10 meters of Dan Carter, and wishes he could see the World Cup. Possums or no possums.

      • Oh God please don’t tell me the score! We won’t get to see it until 3:30 (NZ time) this afternoon. My kids are gutted as a children’s TV show just blurted out the results from last nights game–and we pleaded with the boys to NOT tell us what they heard. We’ve been waiting for this game for two weeks! (My family doesn’t have Sky TV, so we have to wait for the re-play.)
        It will be a hard one for us being an away game and also… about seven of our “A team” have been rested for the World Cup… so, it could make for some great rugby!

        Oooooh, Dan Carter….. yum, just yum. Oh yeah… and, he’s a pretty good player, too. 😳
        Tell your son he could have free accommodation and food if he did make it out for a game. (‘twouldn’t be flashy digs, but hey–free is free!)

  11. We arrive in NZ on 23rd Oct, so the best we can hope for is to catch the final on TV (but from within NZ, though!).

    I’m not sure about all the hype over Dan Carter, though? Seems pretty forgetful to me. Even forgot his All Blacks kit this day:

    • Thank you.

      Thank you very much.

    • Oh wow, you are arriving during the final test on the 23rd!

      Re: Dan. C… yeah, now that’s what I’m talkin’ about!

      As for the N.Z V S.A game? *sigh* (Not only did Dan forget his clothes, he forgot to get on the place to Africa! I really can’t say much more about this game–am still shaking my head at our mess ups.)

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