Why I love A Word A Day

If you haven’t signed up for A.Word.A.Day from Wordsmith.org, do so now. Here’s today’s word:


noun: An emblem or device, usually with a motto.

From Italian impresa (undertaking), past participle of imprendere (to undertake), from Latin in- + prehendere (to grasp). Ultimately from the Indo-European root ghend-/ghed- (to seize or to take), which is also the source of pry, prey, spree, reprise, surprise, pregnant, osprey, prison, and get. Earliest documented use: before 1586.

“A bottle of poison was brought by a girl who owns a ring bearing the impresa of Mary Stuart.”
S.J. Parris; Prophecy; Doubleday; 2011.

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By the way, this week’s theme is “What do these car names mean?” Previous words are accord, paseo, and prius.

One response to “Why I love A Word A Day

  1. Thank you for the tip. Both my cousin and I signed up for this.

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