More August snow and roses

Dan writes: “It seems that you have a theme going. I thought I’d share. My contribution is attached… all the way from my front yard in beautiful, scenic Tinley Park, Illinois. My motto stands: Less Riots, More Roses.”

Hear, hear.

And from New Zealand, Flakes sends “the view from out of our back gate.”

Everybody else: How about you? What’s your view? Send it to me.

6 responses to “More August snow and roses

  1. Incredible view, Flakes!

  2. Oh. Well. That’s absolutely stunning, Flakes. I have to travel across Canada to get a view like that. Or to NZ.
    And Dan, your rose is exquisite.
    Thanks, both, for sharing.

  3. Different scales of lovely!

  4. Beautiful rose, beautiful view. And at the moment, my current view is a single tree doing its best to hide a retail park. Not quite the same as Middle Earth.

  5. Beautiful rose, Dan–exquisite photo!
    Thanks, everybody, glad you liked the photo.

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