What’s your view?

I ask. You provide. Here are photos from your neighborhoods.

From Rich, in northeast Florida:

From Susan: “Okay, here’s my view. At least, the immediate view from my deck, where I was sitting with my computer when I read today’s blog. Typical Toronto backyard. Trees, fences, wildlife.”

And two from Dan, who writes: “Never ask an amateur photographer to see some pictures…”

Dan’s photos were shot in and around Tinley Park, Illinois.

Thanks — and keep sending the photos. I’ll keep posting them.

8 responses to “What’s your view?

  1. Rich and Susan: Excellent shots!

    Thanks for posting these, Meg!

  2. Thank you Dan. I love the two you sent in. I agree, never ask an amateur to see pictures. I was almost overcome with the urge to send dozens of my favorites but I don’t want to be banned. :>)
    Susan,, what a great view from the porch. Toronto is a lovely area.
    Thank you, Meg, for posting my photo. It does wonders for the ego when others genuinely like what I have done. That particular photo was taken at a park in Green Cove Springs on the St. Johns River. My neighborhood is nice but not particularly photogenic. On occasion I do get some nice pictures in the back yard.

  3. Wow, those are really pretty shots. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Really enjoyed these photos – I’d send in my backyard view, but it includes a breathtaking alleyway in Chicago. LOL 🙂

  5. Nice shots, Rich and Dan. I dithered about sending some front yard shots taken in the depth of winter. But the squirrel just jumped up and posed.

    I’d like to see your alleyway, ME.

    This is fun.

  6. Ditto to the alleyway pics, Susan… I’ve never been out of NZ and want to see all of the world!

    These photos are so fantastic, thanks so much for sharing everyone!

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