“If she’d known it was her last one, maybe she would have dressed better.”

Wig-Wearing ‘Bad Hair Bandit’ Was Prison Nurse, Officials in Idaho Say.

She had a penchant for clumsy wigs, traveled with her cat and worked as a prison nurse in Idaho — when she was not crisscrossing the Pacific Northwest robbing banks.

But after a string of successful hits on at least 19 banks in four states, Cynthia Van Holland — who law enforcement officers believe is the suspect known as the Bad Hair Bandit — ran into bad luck.

Van Holland and her husband were arrested after a bank robbery in Auburn, California. Besides the money, “A cat was found in the back seat of the car with ‘a litter box, toys and all the things a cat would need,’ said Dena Erwin, a spokeswoman for the sheriff’s department.”

Van Holland is suspected of robbing 20 banks in Washington, Oregon, and California, “wearing a series of raggedy black, blond, red and brown wigs.”

I bet she wishes she’d gone with a balaclava instead.

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