What’s your view? Spiders & Sci Fi edition

Here are some more photos from readers. Take them as peaceful nature shots, or as eerie visions of arachnophobia and quantum mechanical terror-thriller mayhem. Your choice!

Greg Wade sends this photo of a Lynx Spider: “This is an extreme macro view of my backyard in Simi Valley, CA. My wife got the shot (I’m not photographer) while this cutie rested on a leaf.”

And here are a couple more from Dan’s neighborhood, Tinley Park, Illinois.

Who’s seen Source Code?

Why yes, to my mind these peaceful Chicago-area shots do look like stills from the sci fi thriller. So tell me: Where’s Jake Gyllenhaal? I demand some Jake. It’s not too much to ask, is it?

4 responses to “What’s your view? Spiders & Sci Fi edition

  1. That shot of the spider is terrific! But now I feel all itchy.

  2. Wow, fantastic shots–gosh I love photography so much!
    (I really need to go hunt down some “Weta”, that spider shot has inspired me! I wish I knew how to post a link… I think it could really add to your skin itches, Dan! Hee-hee…)

  3. The little chap in CA looks a trifle surprised. Disney meets Arachnaphobia.

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