Contest alert

Dana Jean asks: “Will there be a contest for this book? I love these contests, they make me laugh.”

Glad to hear it. To answer your question: Yes. Soon.

6 responses to “Contest alert

  1. This will be fun.

  2. Oh goody goody goody!

  3. Well, if I want to accomplish anything productive, I better get crackin’. Your contests, and your blog community, keep me engrossed – happily, though uselessly – for weeks at a time.

  4. Contest. Now. I wanna be a victim in your books!

    • Y’know Snart–I would love to share victimisation (Gawd, this isn’t going to come out right…) with you in Meg’s next book–just for the sheer pleasure of watching her squirm trying to insert “Snart” and “FlakeNoir” into somebody else’s story!

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