Hurricane? Get yourself a snorkel

(Photo: NASA via Ron Garan on the International Space Station.)

Hurricane Irene is rolling up the east coast of North America. I hope everybody in its path stays safe. To my cousins in Virginia: I know you thought that moving from Tornado Alley to the east coast would lessen the chances that Mother Nature would make your lives exciting. Sorry you’re getting an earthquake and hurricane in the same week.

To my son in New York City: You’re an Eagle Scout. I trust that you’ll be prepared. So I will resist the urge to ask whether you’ve got fresh batteries for the flashlight. And food. And whether you’ve filled the bathtub, in case you lose water pressure. And most important — whether you stopped by the Strand Bookstore to pick up enough books to get you through a weekend hunkered down in Brooklyn.

Books! Honey, do you have enough books for the hurricane?

On my side of the Atlantic, the storm won’t hit until late next week. And I doubt that when it gets here it’ll be anything like a hurricane. But people in Wales will be ready. This weekend is the 2011 World Bog Snorkelling Championship at Llanwrtyd Wells. “A host of crazy competitors will battle it out in a sixty-yard peat bog for the coveted title of ‘World Champion Bog Snorkeller’. The dirtiest water sport of the year!!”

Come on, Irene.

8 responses to “Hurricane? Get yourself a snorkel

  1. My thoughts are with those in the path of Irene – hope everyone stays safe and well.

    Now back to bog snorkelling practice – iechyd da!

  2. Here in central North Carolina, we have had some gusty wind and a few rain showers. The eastern part of the state is currently catching the brunt of the storm.

    And, as it turns out, we do have enough books in the secret bunker. It’s almost too bad that I finished The NIghtmare Thief last week. I guess I’ll have to be content with A Song of Ice and Fire on my Kindle.

  3. Bog snorkeling? What the hell is bog snorkeling? I’m going to have to go check this out.

    Stay safe all.

  4. Enough books for a hurricane? I sometimes glance at my shelves, with many books acquired for future reading, and think, Hmmm…. If some disaster prevented me from ever acquiring another book in my lifetime, from any source, in any form, would I have enough to read for the next 20-odd years?

    Gee it’s getting windy out there. And Toronto is NOT in the path.

    Stay safe, everyone.

  5. “Honey, do you have enough books for the hurricane?” – love it!

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