I supply the headline. You supply the snark.

Man nabbed at U.S. airport with snakes in his pants.

Good times in Miami:

The U.S. Transportation Security Administration said the man had seven exotic snakes and three tortoises wrapped in nylon bags that had been stuffed into his pants.

He was discovered as he went through a body scanner at one of the airport’s security checkpoints on Thursday and arrested by U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service officials for violating animal trafficking laws.

Authorities declined to identify the man or offer any explanation for his botched attempt at reptile smuggling.

“Reptile smuggling.” Is that what we’re calling it this week?

9 responses to “I supply the headline. You supply the snark.

  1. “I have had it with these motherf***ing snakes (and tortoises) in these motherf***ing pants!!!”

  2. “Is that seven snakes and three tortoises in your pants, or are you just (extremely) pleased to see me?”

  3. Don’t you know? He has the lead in the recently released movie: Exotic Snakes and Tortoises Nearly on a Plane.

  4. “Snakes. Why did it have to be snakes?”

  5. Well, the one-eyed trouser snake is highly prized in certain circles.

    (It’s an oldie, yet still inappropriate. As Dana Jean once said, I’ll show myself out now.)

  6. Ron, hahaha!

    Apparently when they did the scan, he had one too many heads.

    I’ll show myself out also.

  7. How did those get there? I was carrying a monkey!

  8. I had heard it was a tortoise and a hare. And, he seriously planned to sit on a plane with them in his pants?! Imagine if you were sitting next to him and saw his pants going all wiggly.

    “Arithmetician brings own adders on plane.”
    “Tortoise found cheating in race.”

  9. Okay, to use an old joke punchline…
    “Not like this one, I haven’t. It’s eating my popcorn.”

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