Soon after, In-N-Out was overrun by a hungry mob

“Drivers scramble for free weed after drug smuggler wrecks truck.”

A truck carrying a large quantity of marijuana wrecked in San Jose earlier this week, scattering its cargo across a roadway and creating a feeding frenzy as drivers passing by scrambled to collect as much as possible.

After the wreck, which San Jose police say took place near Oakridge Mall at around1 a.m. on Wednesday, the driver immediately fled.

Once police arrived on the scene, very little marijuana was left.

And at the mall, not a single Dunkin’ Donut or pizza slice was left untouched.

4 responses to “Soon after, In-N-Out was overrun by a hungry mob

  1. A few questions come to mind. Would there have been less weed-nabbing in the light of day? Who was out driving on a Wed night at 1 a.m., eager to take advantage of a free buzz? Could those 1 a.m. stoned drivers have navigated a course without knocking down any cones? Did the incidence of violent crime in San Jose decrease the next day?

  2. I’ve heard of filling potholes, but this is ridiculous!

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