Paging Walter White

California professor leads a methamphetamine ring, the police say.

SAN BERNARDINO, Calif. — For nearly a decade Stephen Kinzey worked as a professor of kinesiology, the study of human movement, at California State University, San Bernardino. A few students complained online that he showed up late for class and could lose his focus. But that was about it.

Now, the police say, Mr. Kinzey, 43, is a man on the run, wanted on suspicion of being the ringleader of a circle of methamphetamine dealers and the president of the Devils Diciples, an outlaw motorcycle gang. (The group spells its name as such.)

Oh, New York Times — that sentence in parentheses is why I love you so much.

3 responses to “Paging Walter White

  1. They just couldn’t use [sic] as the parenthetical, could they?

  2. I think Mr. Heisenberg is a little more ambitious – even if he has only one “diciple” so far. (I intentionally spelled the word ‘disciple’ without an ‘s’ just to be cute. Don’t think I’d *really* spell ‘disciple’ that way!!!) What’s funny is that I recently heard the producers say that they originally intended to set Breaking Bad in Riverside, which isn’t too far from this guy – but New Mexico offered a tax break they couldn’t resist . . . or is that refuse?

  3. You beat me, Eddie. I was going to say that the rest of us have to settle for [sic].

    Perhaps I’ll start showing up late for class and develop a secret life.

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