Happy 45th anniversary, Star Trek

Get your Trek on. Favorite episodes, moments, characters?

I’ll start:

The City on the Edge of Forever
Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan
Star Trek TNG: All Good Things…
Star Trek: First Contact
Any episode of Deep Space Nine with Avery Brooks growling in a cool, menacing fashion and essentially playing Hawk in a Starfleet uniform.
Star Trek (2009) — every moment from start to finish, plus the soundtrack.

19 responses to “Happy 45th anniversary, Star Trek

  1. A morality play for our time, not to mention popular culture touchstone.

  2. As a teenager, any rerun of the original series where Kirk has his shirt off or torn. Wait, that’s most of them, isn’t it? Ah well. Teen lust, what can I say?

    Always and foremost an original fan. Not opposed to the others, but they simply didn’t measure up. (No more teen lust, I suppose.)

    James Tiberius Kirk. Grrrrrrr!

  3. I don’t know the name of the episodes like you do, but I liked:

    The one where they get transported to a planet with a castle and a wizard and witch?, and they have this transmuter, and she turns into a cat.

    I loved the one where they had the hippies and Spock was ONE with them and not a Herbert.

    Trelaine and his pets.

    The pilot episode with Capt. Pike.

    The one where he goes to the planet and fights the lizard guy.

    Ooo, the Apollo one.

    Too many. There are just too many great episodes.

    • The Apollo one — oh, yeah. With Gary Seven. And Teri Garr!

      • No, not that Apollo one, the one where Apollo grabs the Enterprise with his big hand and beams down the primaries, and then the history chick (who Scotty loves) she becomes his doting human companion and then she has to spurn him.

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  4. Arena (the one with the lizard guy, aka the Gorn – supercool)
    The Doomsday Machine (the big planet destroyer – “Gentlemen, I suggest you beam me aboard . . .”)
    Balance of Terror
    Obsession (“That smell . . . sickly sweet.”)
    And the Salt Monster, of course (“The Man Trap”). Too many to write down.

    Of the new bunch, I only thought Star Trek: First Contact and the new Star Trek were worth anything.

    There is of course the animated series, which I’m sure I’d find impossible to watch now, but . . . I’ll always remember the one where Spock’s pet sacrifices himself for Spock. Fond memories, if nothing else.

  5. And how could I leave out Amok Time, where Kirk has to fight Spock and “die” because Spock’s in heat. Classic torn-shirt-Kirk scene for Snart there, too. Just think of all the brain cells being used for storage of bits of television shows that could have gone to the service of humanity . . .

    And Galileo 7: Spock in charge of the crashed shuttle with yeti guys throwing spears at the red shirt extras. Good times, good times . . .

  6. City on the Edge of Forever was always my favourite of TOS – I still have it on VHS. But as a kid I loved The Trouble with Tribbles.
    STTNG – has to be Yesterday’s Enterprise – Tasha Yar back. Say no more.
    First Contact was great, and the JJ Abrams reboot was fantastic.

  7. Space Seed (Khan Part I)
    Wrath of Khan (Khan Part II)
    (@Snart–Ricardo’s pecs–Grrrrr!)
    For the World is Hollow and I Have Touched the Sky (McCoy marries)
    The Paradise Syndrome (Kirk gets married)
    Terra Prime, from Star Trek: Enterprise, where Trip & T’Pol’s baby dies.
    Because of what Connor Trinneer told me at a convention, about his motivation to cry in this episode. (@Snart–Connor Trinneer–Grrr!)
    Yeah, I’m a total geek. So sue me. 🙂

  8. Mirror Mirror (Spock with a beard: “Mr. Chekhov, your agonizer, please.”)

  9. Too many to count, but standouts include: Spock in Heat, any Khan episode, Salt Monster (very cool), NO KILL I! the rock creatures, the pilot with Capt. Pike, Nomad (Kirk the creator!), it goes on and on and on…..

  10. Oh the wealth of riches! For NextGen, even though I hated the episode, the one where they killed Tasha Yar was brilliantly shocking (ok, I had a crush). The other one I loved was “Darmok,” where they encounter the folks whose language functions metaphorically, using tags from their myth of origin. Now, someone had to tell that story in a linear fashion in the first place, but it was still very cool.

    For theme music, it’s Voyager–best place triplet in an opening theme ever.

    • Darmok was fascinating. “Juliet on her balcony…” And it guest-starred Paul Winfield, who also co-starred in “Wrath of Khan” (and got an alien earwig for his efforts).

      I wish they hadn’t killed Tasha Yar, but her return in Yesterday’s Enterprise almost made the whole thing worth it. The idea of an alternate reality where she had survived, but the situation for everybody was desperate — brilliant. Plus she looked marvelously warriorlike with her hair slicked back.

  11. I loved them all but TNG was all time favorite.
    The one where Picard was held captive and tortured by the Cardassians but would not submit and tell him he saw 3 lights instead of 4. And The Inner Light, when Picard was transported to the dying planet and lived an entire life in a few minutes.
    I also loved Yesterdays Enterprise, Darmok and All Good Things!
    Sorry, but Picard over Kirk!

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