Punctuation. Very dangerous. You go first.

Bad spelling opens up security loophole.

A missing dot in an email address might mean messages end up in the hands of cyber thieves, researchers have found.

By creating web domains that contained commonly mistyped names, the investigators received emails that would otherwise not be delivered.

Over six months they grabbed 20GB of data made up of 120,000 wrongly sent messages.

Some of the intercepted correspondence contained user names, passwords, and details of corporate networks.

Poor punctuation is hazardous. I knew it.

One response to “Punctuation. Very dangerous. You go first.

  1. Actually, DNS names is common use already leave off the trailing root dot – it should be http://www.sony.com./ not http://www.sony.com/

    The risk of someone subverting your network (call it example.com) and setting up http://www.sony.com.example.com is small, but non-zero. Requests for http://www.sony.com then go to the http://www.sony.com.example.com machine on your network, rather than outside your network…

    Introduction of unicode to DNS and having something that looks like a period, but isn’t, is another risk.

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