My books hit the road: Kuwait

Andy O. sends this photo: “Outside the Camp Arifjan, Kuwait MWR Library…”

MWR stands for Morale, Welfare and Recreation. I’m glad the U.S. Army thinks my novel fits in at least one of those categories. And I love a library that’s open from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m.

But can anybody figure out the book that’s shelved behind The Liar’s Lullaby?

6 responses to “My books hit the road: Kuwait

  1. Must be a book about Godzilla 🙂

  2. John Burdett’s The Godfather of Kathmandu.

  3. Oh well done, Ron H!

  4. Ron: Of course. Excellent — and thanks!

  5. Nice work, Ron. I would have never gotten that one.

  6. So great to see your books on the shelves!

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