At Pop Culture Nerd: Nerdypalooza

Got no time to blog here today, so I’m just going to send you directly to the blog of the wonderful Pop Culture Nerd, who’s celebrating her third blogoversary.

To help me celebrate, I asked a group of kickass ninja crime writers to answer the question: What’s the nerdiest thing you’ve ever done?

She’s running the answers all week. But you must guess which author committed which nerdy act. There are prizes.

Third Blogoversary Celebration: A Nerdfest and Giveaway.

Writers taking part include Karin Slaughter, Colin Cotterill, Brett Battles, Megan Abbott, Gregg Hurwitz, and me. Moi. The Nerd Princess. So take a look. And perhaps win book-related stuff.

UPDATE: Here’s the Nerdfest Finale — Quiz Answers, Nerdy Slide Show, and Giveaway Winners. Yes, there are then-and-now photos.

2 responses to “At Pop Culture Nerd: Nerdypalooza

  1. I’ve been coming here too long – yours stands out a mile!

  2. Likewise–know I got at least one right! However, I then got caught up in contest-frenzy and deducing who did what on the basis of bios, prose style, hints dropped in the stories themselves, etc. It’s way more fun than figuring out what is wrong with the article I’m supposed to revise today.

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