If the Remnant didn’t have baton twirlers…

Here’s a “Christian” entertainer whose act should convince all doubters that Satan exists.

The way the woman laughs hysterically at every remark “Little Ricky” makes convinces me he’s alive, and she’s terrified of him. See how he fights her at the end? There’s no way he’ll stay locked in that trunk, honey. Throw it in the river and drive. Drive as fast as your RV will carry you.

And now if you’ll excuse me, I need an exorcism.

(Via Christian Nightmares)

7 responses to “If the Remnant didn’t have baton twirlers…

  1. My skin is crawling, for so many reasons. The sweaters, the makeup, the laughter, and the dummy! Gak! Remember “The Ventriloquist”? (Eyes staring at the audience as Meg dashes off stage.) I, too, feel the need for an exorcist.

  2. That may be the best thing I’ve ever seen. Thanks for creeping me out, Meg!

  3. This video has made me amend my nighttime checklist.

    Alarm Clock Set: Check
    Cats have water: Check
    Doors are locked: Check
    Look under the bed for Little Ricky: Check
    Pump-Action Shotgun loaded and within easy reach of the bed: Check

  4. I think Little Ricky ate the soul of Tangina, the medium in Poltergeist. Stay away from the light.

  5. Good lord. I think Ricky’s ball sack was getting pinched or something, he was really squirmy.

  6. Very, very creepy. I will never look at a bobble-head Jesus the same way again. Who knows what one of those might sound like.

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