Sunny London

When a gal from California meets a gal from Chicago in London, this isn’t often the view — especially not in October. So I’m just going to revel in the fact that I got to play hooky with a law school buddy and hang out on such a sunny day.

(Thanks to Michelle F. for the snapshot. She’s currently busy sending it to every person she knows in Illinois.)

5 responses to “Sunny London

  1. Wow, postcard-quality weather and a great shot.

  2. Great photo, and great timing for your friend to be over here – the weather in England over the last week has been amazing.

  3. Pretty picture. Is that a ferris wheel? on the water? how cool if it is.

  4. That’s the London Eye. The ferris wheel is 450 feet tall and one revolution takes half an hour. You ride in glass pods that can hold 30 people – those eggs are big and you can stroll around inside. The views are wonderful.

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