Sunday links: Mimes fight crime, turkeys drop, Amish feud

Weird stories for a placid Sunday.

Rich writes: “A practical use for mimes… or a clever way to get rid of them?”

Mimes tackle traffic chaos in Venezuela.

CARACAS, Venezuela (AP) β€” A part of Venezuela’s capital is giving dangerous drivers the silent treatment, sending mimes into the streets to do what police alone have not: tame the lawless traffic.

About 120 mimes dressed in clown-like outfits and white gloves took to the streets of the Sucre district this past week, wagging their fingers at traffic violators and at pedestrians who streaked across busy avenues rather than waiting at crosswalks.

Next, some Amish folks wig out.

Four arrested over hair and beard attacks on Ohio Amish.

Police in the US state of Ohio have arrested four men suspected of assaulting a 74-year-old member of the Amish community.

He is one of several Amish people in the state who have had their hair and beards forcibly removed in apparent efforts to humiliate them.

Jefferson County Sheriff Fred Abdallah said two more people were being sought.

Suspicion has fallen on a breakaway Amish group rejected by the mainstream community.

A splinter cell. The Amish have a militant wing — who knew?

UPDATE: The suspects in the hair cutting case have been named. They include Lester and Johnny Mullet. Yes, that’s their name.

Finally, WKRP in Cincinnati’s most iconic episode comes to life.

FAA says it’s ready for Arkansas turkey drop.

YELLVILLE, Ark. – No one in the northern Arkansas town of Yellville will say if they expect wild turkeys to fall from planes for this year’s Turkey Trot festival. But the Federal Aviation Administration says it is watching.

Organizers of the festival long ago disavowed the tradition of letting wild turkeys fall from low-flying airplanes as spectators watched them glide to the ground…But someone continues to drop the turkeys.

The FAA is on alert. “If a plane flies over and a turkey comes out of it, we’re going to be talking to somebody,” a spokesman says.

As God is my witness, people are nuts.

7 responses to “Sunday links: Mimes fight crime, turkeys drop, Amish feud

    “Oh, the humanity! … Not since the Hindenberg tragedy…”

  2. Oh not cool on the Turkey Drop. 😦

  3. That episode of WKRP has been a Thanksgiving tradition of mine for quite a while; I watch it every year.

  4. It’s been decades since I’ve watched that episode, yet a couple of lines have never left my head: Mr. Carlson’s “I swear to God I thought turkeys could fly” and Les’s “They’re hitting the ground like bags of wet cement!” That people are doing this *intentionally* – i.e., they don’t even have Mr. Carlson’s ignorance to use as a defense – is a bit mind boggling.

  5. I hadn’t seen that clip for years. But watch it… I swear the store manager who comes out to scold Les Nesman is MITT ROMNEY!

    Oh, and about the story above. It says:

    The FAA is on alert. β€œIf a plane flies over and a turkey comes out of it, we’re going to be talking to somebody,” a spokesman says.

    One can only assume that, when the FFA says, “…we’re going to be talking to somebody,” they of course mean they’ll be talking turkey.

  6. Quoting from that episode is a time-honoured Thanksgiving tradition in our family. It dates from the Thanksgiving 17 years ago when my mother was at her mom’s beside and my bro and I decided to undertake dinner for Dad at home. We did pretty well, except that we forgot that Mum’s oven ran 75 degrees hot. When my brother checked the bird by wiggling its leg, aforesaid leg came off in his hand. Then when we took the turkey out of the pan and placed it on the platter, it sort of imploded, looking as if it had been dropped from a great height. I uttered the classic, “God as my witness, I thought turkeys could fly,” and the three of us collapsed in hysterics. It works every time.

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