Road Trip: Wales

I’m hitting the road for Wales. Tonight it’s “Meet the Author” at Sandfields Library in Port Talbot, not far from Swansea. The author being me.

And on the way, if I see any dragons, Arthurian knights, rugby scrums, or wandering packs of Welsh opera singers, I’ll post photos.

Wednesday 12 October, 6:30-8:00 p.m.
Sandfields Library
Morrison Road, Sandfields
Port Talbot, Wales
SA12 6TG
Tel: (01639) 883616

7 responses to “Road Trip: Wales

  1. What a neat flag they have. Safe trip and have a pleasant evening.

  2. Flakes: And that flag is flying everywhere, outside and indoors, as Wales gears up for the Rugby World Cup semifinal this weekend.

  3. I can’t wait! God help anybody that comes over for a visit or tries to phone me during the games this weekend. I love my test rugby…

  4. Hope you are enjoying Wales. What a road trip, Meg.

  5. Go Wales, go Wales, go Wales, GO WALES!!!

  6. Wales V Aussie tonight for 3rd and 4th places in the Rugby World Cup–go (Wales) teams!

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