Contest 2011: the judging begins

Contest 2011 is now closed. Thank you to everybody who entered.

Now it’s my turn. I’ll print out all the entries and wander down to the firing range with a .45 and a blindfold, and we’ll see what I hit. Or something like that. Maybe something like reading through them.

The winner and runners up will be announced this weekend.

12 responses to “Contest 2011: the judging begins

  1. Good luck everyone – there were some great entries.

  2. Very exciting. Thanks again Meg for doing this. I love these things.

  3. That was fun, as always. Some really enjoyable reading there.

  4. As always, a challenge. As always, enjoyable. Unfortunately, I just couldn’t come up with anything brilliant. But don’t stop on my account. :>)

  5. Thanks so much again, Meg–these contests are brilliant! Good luck, everyone… and thanks for the great entertainment.

  6. The woman’s harsh. (ducks). See?

  7. Hurry, I’m not patient. Thanks.

  8. I’m working on it.

  9. Coyote tied all of the contestants together and laughed. She didn’t have to use drano or any other outward form of excruciation. All she had to say was, “This weekend,” and gradually wait for the realization to dawn upon them: “This weekend” meant Sunday at 11:59 pm Greenwich Mean Time . . . Coyote laughed.

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