Jo Beckett gets spied on

Over on Dru’s Book Musings, find out who’s conducting surveillance on Jo Beckett.

Date: July 17
Place: San Francisco
Observation point: Residence adjacent to Jo’s. On the balcony, behind the statue of Cupid.

A Day in the Life of Jo Beckett.

Then stick around Dru’s blog to read more Day-in-the-Life stories from other mystery characters.

5 responses to “Jo Beckett gets spied on

  1. Thanks, now we know Ferd’s blog name. Stalker! But then we knew that.

  2. If I rewrite Dru’s “A Day in the Life” entry on Jo slightly, simply to indicate that Ahnuld the robot looks like a galloping Border Collie, may I submit it as a Contest 2011 entry (maybe I can set my computer clock back a week or so)? It would surely win, Shirley!

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