Poetry and prose, an anthology, oh my!

What’s this? The Broadview Anthology of Sixteenth Century Poetry and Prose, propped on a desk against somebody’s in-tray?

Let’s take a closer look.

Wait. What’s this? The brand new sleek and shiny Broadview Anthology of Sixteenth Century Poetry and Prose, edited by Marie H. Loughlin, Sandra Bell, and Patricia Brace?

Why, yes. Yes, it is. And Patricia Brace would be our own Patti, who pledges nuthin’ but the furniture, packs ammo for a dueling banjo, creates verb names until she’s stopped with a rubber mallet, and goes two kilometers down a mineshaft to set records for choral singing underground.

Congratulations on the publication of such a beautiful book.

12 responses to “Poetry and prose, an anthology, oh my!

  1. Thanks, Meg (I would end with an exclamation point, but used my lifetime supply in a single shot here a while back–consider this pleased and excited). I just reread the “dueling banjos” exchange and laughed at your response all over again.

  2. Publication calls for enthusiastic celebration. If I could, I would sprinkle exclamation points on your head like confetti.

    Exclaim away!

  3. Great accomplishment! Well done, Patti. Sincere congratulations.

  4. Way to go Patti!!!!

    (Unlike Patti, I’ll go way into 2015 to borrow against my 2/year exclamation point ration, already overdrawn to 2013)

  5. Very pretty book. Congratulations on all your hard work.

  6. Congratulations, Patti! Wonderful achievement.

  7. Thank you all, delightful bloglodytes! (just borrowed one from my cat’s next life). And Meg, thanks for giving the new baby such ample space today. Links to the blog have been appearing on my Facebook page all day, so I’ll bet your day’s traffic pattern is oddly skewed toward Canadian academics.

  8. Since presumably your cat has nine lives, you should have an abundant supply, Patti. And she’s probably not using them herself.

  9. Congratulations, Patti.

  10. Wonderful, Patty. I know that hard work that goes into these things, especially anthologies. Congratulations!

  11. Patti, I’m sure – given your choral singing exploits – that this anthology is… well, deep. Did I miss the contest where I could have become a character in one of those 16th century verses?

    Seriously, congratulations! What an accomplishment. I hope it is adopted for classroom use all over.

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