Harder than writing such lazy articles, for starters

Genre fiction? How hard can it be to write?

“Is Writing Genre Fiction Really All That Easy?”

As a writer, you’ve probably met someone who says he/she is going write a book because “it looks easy” and “anyone can write that stuff.”

True enough.

Anyone who has ever read a bad genre fiction novel—and, really, who hasn’t?—probably had the thought: If this guy/girl can get published, I sure as heck can too.

Yawn. Heard this before too, from people who generally add, “But I don’t have the time.”

But is hitting the genre fiction sweet spot easy (compared to other genres)? Or does it only look easy?

Maybe. Maybe not.

You decide. Tell us what you think!

Articles like this just make me tired. They pop up every month or so. They’re lazy.

What annoys me more is that Huffpo has essentially allowed Writer’s Relief to post an advertisement under the guise of an essay. “Tell us what you think!” means: Come to our website, aspiring writers. Leave a comment and, maybe, sign up for our fee-charging submission services. Which aren’t cheap. ($339.00 to submit 3-5 poems, or one short story, to 25 publications. Same amount to submit a query to 15 agents.)

Now excuse me while I get back to writing. It’s time to blow spitwads at the Periodic Table of Storytelling to choose my next plot twist, or maybe rip pages from the latest Lee Child novel and staple them randomly into my manuscript. While eating bon bons, of course.

4 responses to “Harder than writing such lazy articles, for starters

  1. Your next novel is going to be set in Carter Crossing, Mississippi, too? Cool.

  2. Haha – yes, I also tire of reading these posts. They are designed to spark controversy and draw web traffic, but at what benefit to the consumer? Hmmm…

    Happy writing, Meg!

  3. Well, yeah, isn’t that how everyone does it? Spitwads, ripping, tearing, stapling, cutting, pasting? My serious answer is, “But you didn’t do it or make the time. Clearly you don’t want (or need) to write.”

  4. You stole my method of rejection slip collection. I mean writing.

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