What if the supermodels fought the Laker Girls?

Want a glimpse into my writing process? Here’s the transcript of an instant message chat I had with my son Mark yesterday. Yes, I was simultaneously editing my novel and talking with my kid. That’s how this mom rolls.

That’s my boy.

4 responses to “What if the supermodels fought the Laker Girls?

  1. Thank goodness you both can type well – have you seen the site ‘Damn you autocorrect’ ( http://damnyouautocorrect.com/ )? I had a text exchange with my son go hilariously and inapropriately wrong – then our library got a copy of the DYA book and I ended up hooked on the website…

  2. Wonder what ‘big brother’ would make of that conversation?

    Oh, and I can see how you got hooked, Chris – there are some really embarrassing text conversations on there.

  3. If the analogy fits, in your novel it sits.

    “We interrupt this broadcast to report some sad news. Supermodel Claudia Schiffer, while paying her respects to the recently-deceased Andy Rooney, has become hopelessly entangled in his trademark eyebrows. The jaws of life are being used. Let’s go to Conan Nolan live on the scene…”

    Don’t know about you, but my money would be on Tyra Banks in a throwdown vs. Paula Abdul any day.

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