What’s the sequel to Sharktopus? Sharktopi?

Mmm… Sharktopie.

Syfy’s 16 Most Awesomely Bad Horror Movie Titles.

I’ve seen most of these movies. Yes, including Mongolian Death Worm. Perhaps I need help. Or maybe I just need to round out my viewing with Mansquito. (And of course Piranhaconda.)

The screaming cheesy delicious awfulness of these monster flicks is what makes them generally wonderful to watch. So let’s think up some more movies for Syfy to film.

  • Tyrannoshroom
  • Barracowda
  • Eeligator vs. Velocipig
  • Swamp Lobsters
  • America’s Next Top Model vs. Tyradactyl

Any other suggestions?

(Thanks to Jason for the link.)

17 responses to “What’s the sequel to Sharktopus? Sharktopi?

  1. Barracuticles
    The Jonas Brothers and the Killer Whale
    Yetishark (A Great White Hybrid)
    Yetishark v. Anacondasquatch

  2. Yetishark v. Anacondasquatch

    Yes. Please.

    • Maybe you should forward the list to SyFy when we’re done: Something tells me they’d be open to pretty much anything. . .

  3. Kittyraptor
    Atomic Krill
    Atomic Krill vs Megalobster
    Feathered Boa: Quetzalcoatl’s Revenge!
    Octocobra vs Tarantupacabra: Sixteen Legs of Death!

  4. I haven’t seen nearly enough of these. Time to make a list for Christmas!

  5. Octopi is Greek, so sharktopodes. i would be Latin…

  6. Or, to borrow from a different, recent “lying for a living” theme: Klumaconda vs. Abdulodactyl.

  7. Let’s put on a show!

  8. Planet of the Ice Spider Monkeys
    Sharktopussy (with a guest appearance by Roger Moore)
    Attack of the Fifty Foot Womansquito

  9. Spiderpig vs. Gravity
    Spiderman: The Musical vs. The Critics
    Planet of the Pluto vs. The International Astronomical Union
    MegaJo vs. The Evanator
    And, during final book editing, Meg O’Death vs. Unnecessary Words.

  10. Coincidentally, this “monster” song just came on my Pandora channel. Must share: (Who knows how WordPress will react to this link???)

    “I Brake 4 Monster Booty” by John Scofield Band: http://youtu.be/X7o3dZVVW7o

  11. “Samuel L. Jackson vs. The Giant Shark”

    Drive-In Reviews calls this a ‘Quality Kill’.

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