Editmania, Friday edition

Things I am having fun reading while I whip the draft of my new novel into shape (and by whip, I mean whip):

Literary Devices — Check out the site for more examples like the cartoon above. I want a Foreshadow Puppet.

The Cliché Finder

Here are Ten clichés, random chosen from our list of 2,000+ clichés…

put your best foot forward
Any old stocking can find a old shoe
Monday-morning quarterback
rise and shine
you took the words right out of my mouth
pull yourself up by the bootstraps
it’s a dilly
salad days
nip in the bud
America, the melting pot of the world

Silence and the Speed of Sound

Worst of all in ignoring physical reality is the silenced sniper rifle. These things pop up all over the mystery and thriller landscape. They are used when an assassin wants to kill someone from a distance so that the assassin can get away without detection. Prepare yourself for the shock: this scenario is also impossible!

Research, folks. Research.

2 responses to “Editmania, Friday edition

  1. I think the sequel to Thor should feature Thor wielding his Great Golden Hammer of Hyperbole against the Random Analogy Generator as he rides an Onomatopoeia Engine while being chased by the great and terrifying Foreshadow Puppet. By Odin, *that* would be entertainment…

  2. I was envying your Foreshadow Puppet, but then came the Irony Board. I want one. A lot.

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