Greetings from L.A.

Hello from Los Angeles. I know I am in Los Angeles because (a) the sky map on the flight showed an animated jet scooting across the globe and touching down here, (b) the hotel restaurant has a four-foot-tall glossy photo of Kim Kardashian on the wall, (c) from the hotel window I can see the Hollywood sign, and (d) the hotel pool is surrounded by yellow police tape. If I have time, I will sneak down to see if William Holden is floating face down in the water and recounting the story of Sunset Boulevard with sardonic, dead-man’s wit.

What’s up with everybody else?

30 responses to “Greetings from L.A.

  1. I’m jealous. But for only a short while. Next week I take a cruise to the Bahamas and Key West. Can’t wait!!

    If you make it to Santa Barbara, say hi for me!

  2. Hello back from Wellington, New Zealand. And I know it’s Wellington, ’cause (a) if I look out of my office window I have big, tree covered hills on one side, and the beautiful harbour the other, and (b) it’s windy!

  3. I’m not only envious of Meg but also of Stacy and DJ… I’ll take Southern California or the Caribbean or New Zealand over rainy & cold Chicago anyday.

    However, the Thanksgiving week has begun for me. I’m done with work until next Monday and started the holiday by having a very pleasant lunch with a friend who I don’t see nearly as often as I should.

    It ain’t a floating William Holden…but pizza and beer with a buddy isn’t bad either.

  4. I LOVE Sunset Boulevard. Such a classic. Have fun but stay out of the pool.

  5. I’m loving the city seeing all the building decorations and I can’t wait for them to light the Rockefeller Tree.

  6. It’s Tuesday pre-Thanksgiving, and the Hansons are overnighting in Fort Smith, Arkansas. We’re relaxing with Makers Mark, Chex Mix and reruns of “How I Met Your Mother”. Mulling over whether to pay homage at Graceland or Grand Ole Opry tomorrow. Just a glimpse into our new surreality.

  7. For me it’s marking, meetings, and, for a bit of malicious sport, a mid-term test for my second year class today. Mwahahahaha!

  8. Stacy: I’m saying hi to SB for you!

    tomhanson: Fort Smith. Buy some good ponies and strike out on the trail after Mattie Ross and Rooster and Mr. LeBoeuf.

    Patti: have fun torturing the students.

    Everybody: I really love hearing about what you’re doing all around the world.

  9. Schools out til Monday, so I’m working on trying to make the house presentable and cooking for tomorrow. Such fun.

  10. Off to the cottage (3 hrs NE of Toronto) for a last fling before winter. Clear out the fridge. Mouseproof the toilet paper supply. Probably go to the dump to see the bears.

    Nothing but good times.

  11. Meg: REGARDING YOUR PREVIOUS STORIES ON JOYCE MCKINNEY…We originally wrote you regarding the removing of false and defamatory statements you made wherein you slandered maliciously a woman named Joyce McKinney . Your ignorance of the law is inexcusable and appalling. Do you fancy yourself a “journalist?… It certainly fooled us. Your inability to investigate and your reckless disregard for truth and your attempt to bring Ms. McKinney up to public ridicule reveal that you know NOTHING about libel law OR her TRUE story, which is a love story about how she tries to rescue her fiance from the Mormon cult. Are you a Mormon yourself? If not, then why are you even REPEATING libelous Mormon- sourced slander stories that caused an innocent heart-broken woman (who you do not even know) so much pain and heartache? Anyway, you had better just remove your whole GARBAGE if you want to be safe. Because Joyce McKinney just sued the director, producers, and UTAH distributors for that little film you are talking about– for MILLIONS of dollars for: Slander, Defamation, False Light, Misappropriation of Name, Picture, and LIkeness, Fraud, and Deliborate Infliction of Emotional Distress. The suit is filed in Los Angeles Superior Court. (Maybe you can obtain a copy while you are in town.) Her attorney is Steve Tidrick of Oakland california and you can reach him at 510-788-5100. If you can’t write anything positive and truthful about Ms, McKinney, we suggest you not write anything at all… OR else you, like Errol Morris, may find yourself on the losing end of a slander and libel action. (And by the way, you should get off your lazy duff and get a copy of a court document in England of her 1977 court case, with a telephone transcript in which her fiance Anderson is talking to her… The nosy controlling Mormons —and some corrupt coppers in league with CASH PAYING tabloids– hacked her phone line, the intimate conversation between the two lovers. In it: (1) Kirk tells Joyce he loves her (not exactly the words of a kidnap “victim” is it? (2) He says the cult leaders had his passport in a safe as well as his money [to prevent him from leaving] (3) He asks if a cult exit group counseling group she knows of back in America came help them (4) He says hoards of reporters are “outside trying to get statements”, and that the “church” 0as as Mormons erringly call their cult] has brought in PR teams [spin doctors] to spread false story that she kidnapped and raped” him and
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    • What a malicious and malevolent kook. Truth Teller, get a dictionary and look up “truth.” Better yet, evaporate! You don’t belong here with decent people. You are unbelievably offensive. No soup for you!

  12. Typo errors in last paragraph corrected:

    The part you REALLY missed out on, is that YOU think KIRK pressed the charges against his fiance. He didn’t. The Mormon leaders pushed for it. The phone transcript clearly indicates the TRUTH:
    Joyce: (to Kirk) Have you told them you’re not pressing charges?
    Kirk: (frustrated) I HAVE! But then the CHURCH is pressing for it!”
    Joyce: The “CHURCH!?”

    We sure wish some honest “journalist” (if there is such a thing) would get that entire 27 page transcript of that taped phone conversation from British court records and print it! But then, they wouldn’t have their big “Crime ” story, now would they?

    So Meg, ol’ girl, you had better get your butt in gear as well as your facts–and maybe even take a good class on Libel Law or you might find yourself in hot water like ol’ Errol Morris. Oh yeah, before we trot away…THANKS for the references (of other “journalists” who had maliciously slandered Ms. McKinney) we will dutifully look them up and turn them over to Ms. McKinney’s incredible legal beagles for appropriate legal action! Bye-Bye!

    • Truthteller:

      1. One year ago you threatened to have me arrested and charged with criminal libel because I linked to a Times of London article that discussed charges brought against Joyce McKinney at the Old Bailey in the 1970s. I refer you to my initial response to your threats and demands. I stand by that response. Reporting on the criminal charges brought against a defendant in a court of law does not constitute defamation. Stating an opinion that the allegations underpinning those criminal charges sound amazing or absurd does not constitute defamation. I have done nothing illegal and nothing actionable.

      2. in the comment above, you mention “that little film you are talking about.” I have never once written or talked about a film. I believe you are referring to the documentary Tabloid. I have never discussed it. The film was made long after I wrote the blog post in question.

      3. I have never stated that I “think KIRK pressed the charges against his fiance.” I have never written any such thing.

      4. My name is not Jennifer.

      5. you say “THANKS for the references, we will look them, up and turn them over to Ms, McKinney’s incredible legal beagle for appraise legal action.” The “references” are not, as you allege, to “other ‘journalists’ who had maliciously slandered Ms. McKinney.” They are to your own threats to sue journalists, reviewers, and bloggers who discuss Joyce McKinney.

      6. You state that if I “want to be safe” I must accede to your demands. You threaten me from behind a pseudonym and a fake email address. You are therefore immediately and permanently banned from commenting on this blog.

  13. Ummm… Speaking of Turkeys, here’s the link to the “WKRP in Cincinnati” Thanksgiving episode:

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

  14. Um . . . <a href=""this is what comes to mind for me . . . but at least Oz turned out to be a *halfway* decent fellow as opposed to the total trickster he *could* have been. Just sayin’. 😉 Happy thanksgiving, everyone! (Don’t fail me, html!)

  15. Two more snarks and I’ll return to my corner in Nebraska:
    1) As Stephen King says, Sometimes They Come Back.
    2) You did say you were interested in what *everybody* was doing around the world . . .

  16. For us it’s a typical Thanksgiving Day with my sister-in-law here in a long overdue visit, the grandson, his parents and enough food to keep us in leftovers for a week. Add to that a day full of football and who really needs to go outside? After the company has gone it’s back 11/22/63. I am past the halfway mark. Happy Thanksgiving to Meg and all her fans.

    • Rich: Stephen King’s latest is one of the best books I’ve read all year. I hope you love it as much as I did.

      Off to the parents’ house for me! I see a tryptophan coma in my future.

      • Yes, Dan, I do. I still use The Stand as a reference point which I consider his best novel. This one is one of the few that I would rate five stars along side The Stand. I am deliberately taking my time to wallow in this story but it’s hard. It’s like trying not to lose my breath reading The Nightmare Thief. :>)

  17. And Happy Thanksgiving to everybody who’s celebrating!

    • Ditto… a day (or two, depending where you live) late–but–I hope everyone had a really great celebration with family and friends. xox.

      And pleeeeeeeeeease… eat a turkey and cranberry (leftovers) sandwich for me. I hear they are to die for.

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