Hallelu-yikes Chorus

Reminding us why Handel wrote Messiah as an oratorio, not as an 18th century version of Godspell. Sing it, don’t swing it.

And yes, of course I am imagining how to fit such a disaster into a novel. Ferd Bismuth and Mr. Peebles would do a fine job staging the Hallelujah Chorus, I think. An inspired job.

4 responses to “Hallelu-yikes Chorus

  1. Reminds me that I heard a horrid, showtune-ish rendition of the Chorus yesterday, while in the mens room. Don’t mess with the classics!

  2. what a crack up! This reminds me, my brother was a helper at the Easter play his church does. When Jesus is resurrected, he was supposed to break out of the rock cave he was in. The cave “rock” walls were made of something a little sturdier than styrofoam, but supposedly easily crash through-able. Well, Jesus couldn’t get out of the tomb, so my brother and a helper had to go smash through for him. Poor Jesus, good thing he had an entourage.

  3. The resurrected Christ looks like he has a strap-on. Oh dear.

  4. Aw, it was removed! How can you do that to us!

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