Name that book title — from the first line

Because everybody loves a challenge: Name 36 classic novels and mystery-thrillers from the first sentence alone.

From memory, people. No googling.

My score: 10/36.

10 responses to “Name that book title — from the first line

  1. I scored a 30%. 12/36…and I’m still kicking myself for missing #17. A great book from one of my favorite authors…

    Cool quiz, Meg. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Wow. I should know more of these. Definitely nine – so, 25%. There are a few others that sound familiar (Howard Roark!), but that’s as far as I can get without Google.

  3. Five. And guess which one I DIDN’T get? Yeah, that’s right —

    Grapes of Poke-Me-In-The-Eyes Wrath.

  4. Sigh. Only 5 or 6 I’m afraid. The obvious ones. And not even all the obvious ones.

  5. Seven right and five half-right (author or title, but not both). Don’t ask how many I’ve actually read. This type of quiz always makes me feel illiterate.

  6. As I said on FB, I got 12, but that was with a lot of guessing. I’m not as well read as I thought…..

  7. 16! A whole lot better than I thought, although When I think about the things I should have been doing while rereading this list and trying to up my score…

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