Today’s quiz: The Psychopath Test

My sister sends this quiz, and writes: “Thought you might like this (not because you’re a psychopath, but because you try to think like one).”

This is my sister the psychiatrist. Thanks for the vote of confidence, sis!

Read this question and come up with an answer. This is not a trick question. It is as it reads. No one I  know has gotten it right. Few people  do.

A woman, while at the funeral of her own mother, meets a guy whom she did not previously know. She thinks this guy is amazing. She believes him to be her dream guy — so much that she falls in love with him right there. But she never asks for his number and after the funeral cannot find him. A few days later she kills her sister.

Question: What is her motive for killing her sister?

Give it your best shot in the comments. Tomorrow I’ll post the official — psychopathic — answer.

And no, I didn’t get it. Let’s see how you all do.


ANSWER BELOW. Read on to find out whether you think like a psychopath.

She was hoping the guy would appear at a funeral again.

If you answered  this correctly, you think like a psychopath. If you didn’t answer the question correctly, good  for you.

35 responses to “Today’s quiz: The Psychopath Test

  1. Is her motive mercy/love? (Has her sister been critically injured in the same incident that killed their mother and does she then have to turn off life-support?)

    • Ok, that was pathetic. Psychopath, Flakes…think killer!

      She kills her sister out of jealousy because although they are identical twins, her sister is just that bit hotter than she.
      Should Mr. Dream Guy suddenly reappear, she knows he would definitely want a lil sumthin’, sumthin’ with sister # 2. (Now deceased.)

  2. Because her sister killed her mother and dressed up and pretended to be her dream guy. “She’s my sister! She’s my mother! She’s my sister *and* my mother!” – Sorry, I can never resist an excuse to go into Chinatown, even when it makes minimal sense to do so.

    (“Forget it, Jake. It’s Gardinertown.”)

  3. Motives? We don’t need no stinking motives.

  4. Ok, I’m thinking the critical bits of this are that she didn’t ask for his number (stupid) and can’t find him after the funeral.

    So… it would appear that nobody knows him? (She must have asked around after the funeral.)

  5. And who is “her” in “she kills *her* sister. . .” Her mom?

  6. So she killed her mother, her aunt’s husband (?), and then her aunt.

    And the psychopath is revealed to be . . . the person who keeps speculating who the psychopath is. I fold.

  7. I need to preface my answer by hoping that I’m *not* correct.

    But I’ve given this wayyy too much thought and the only reason that I can come up with is that she herself is a psychopath and killed her sister hoping that the man would show up to another funeral so she herself could re-connect with the man.

    It’s a given that I read too many crime/thrillers and it’s probably a mentally unhealthy thing. But good crime novels are like potato chips. It’s impossible to consume just one. Especially if they’re good.

    (I can hear Meg blocking my email address as I type…)

    • Oh man, was my answer as disturbing as it sounds?

      Meg: I’ve never felt true remorse for a blog reply in my life. But I feel like I need a shower… Please tell me that I’m not correct.

    • OMG, Dan, I bet that’s it!
      (& now I’m scared… because I can never eat just one potato chip either and quite frankly that is a little too much in common with you–“Psycho-Dan”!)
      *blows raspberry*
      *from a distance*

  8. I’m not looking at the answers above, but she killed her sister because her sister was the guy she found amazing.

  9. Was it her sister’s husband?

    Or perhaps he was the gravedigger.

  10. She killed her sister so she could have the husband.

    Or, she killed her sister so she could come back and see the gravedigger.

    • Yeah, I bet she was just trying to help him pay his bills, drum up a lil business.

      • And, she’d get to see him again. Hopefully this time she got his number so she doesn’t have to keep killing people. haha

      • He’d better get her number. If she’s so fond of killing people, she might decide he wasn’t worth it and off him too!
        (We don’t as yet know how her mother died…. *cue Twilight Zone music*

  11. Okay, not sister’s husband, but boyfriend…who happens to be a gravedigger.

  12. Jeez, Meg–don’t let your sister see these posts.
    (Look at my first… now go to my last. Oh dear, how fast the progression.)

  13. All I can say is, I can no longer look at the album All My Friends Are Dead in the same way: Once I saw a sad forlorn man; now all I see is a cunning fiend. All his “friends” are dead, all right. Okay, so this test helps to identify or *create* psychopathology . . .

  14. And who says Meg *really* has a sister . . .

  15. One slightly obsessive question: Is the phrase “cannot not” in “after the funeral cannot not find him” intentional or accidental . . .?

  16. I’d go for the 2nd funeral too. She obviously suits black…

  17. To see him again. If he was at her mother’s funeral, he would be at her sisters.

  18. Thanks for all your dear, sick responses. Some of you got in the psychopathic mindset and came up with the right answer.

    And for that I won’t ban you from the blog. But I’m keeping my eye on you.

  19. I’m with Dan. Hope I’m not right, but I think she killed her sister so the guy will show up at the funeral — her only way to find him again.

  20. Okay, just getting here late. The answer that jumped to my mind is that he’s her sister’s husband. And I see DJ has that one too.

    Now I have to read the answer and see if that makes me a psychopath, or completely lacking in imagination.

  21. (Having now read the answer)
    Oh whew! I don’t think like a psychopath. Assuming, of course, killing one’s sister on the chance that the grieving husband will fall in love with one is normal.

    Oh look, it’s snowing.

  22. Oh geez.

  23. I haven’t read the other comments or the answer, honest. I think she killed her sister hoping the dream guy would come to the funeral.

  24. I’m coming in late, but am impressed with the number of you who got it right! Nice job!

    And, I don’t believe that being able to think like a psychopath makes you one. Necessarily.

    (Note to self: Re-check, and tighten, WordPress account profile security.)

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