What, no pepper spray?

Dan points me to this “Little Feds Christmas Kit” — which includes a tactical vest and a telescoping baton.

Now, I grew up playing cops and robbers. Like all healthy American kids, I had a trunkload of toy guns. At the beach, lake, or neighborhood pool, my friends and I played at getting gunned down, with as much screaming, flailing, and splashing as possible. Hey, we’d seen the trailer for The Godfather. All that’s normal. But a telescoping baton? That’s freaky.

Note also that the Little Agents playset is a choking hazard. Even without using the baton in a chokehold.

4 responses to “What, no pepper spray?

  1. And is it me or is the look in the eyes of the little agent just a little creepy? She looks like she’s ready to dispense a little holiday beat-down.

    Good heavens. It’s snowing on the blog again. Must be that time of year…

  2. Sad. Both that it exists at all, and also that they want to charge $29.95 for all that stuff. The truly creative child will realize that it is a small step from playing the traditional classic “doctor” to playing “Fed strip-search,” and you can do that for free!*

    *This is an observation, not an endorsement. Your mileage may vary. See your tax consultant for immoral, but technically-legal deductibility guidance.

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