The Memory Collector: Japanese edition

Once again I get to act like a kid opening a birthday present. My son calls from the front porch: “Mom, you got something from Japan.”

Books. Books, books, books. Today’s surprise was the just-published Japanese edition of The Memory Collector. And as always with these editions published by Shueisha, the cover is cool, edgy, and beautiful. I love the mix of text and imagery. And inside there’s a map of the San Francisco area and — I think — a list of all the characters. I will run it by a Japanese-speaker and let you know.

It’s available from Kinokuniya and Amazon Japan.

3 responses to “The Memory Collector: Japanese edition

  1. It looks like they did a double version of the title: one in translation (I recognize the word, I think, for memory, and that’s it), the other a phonetic recreation of the English title (Memorii Korekutaa). And it’s Joo Bekkuto 2. I’m not sure what’s underneath your name – anyone here with a better knowledge of kanji?

  2. Ooh – my name in Japanese. Exciting!

    And worthy of exclamation mark.

  3. As you say, very edgy. Very Japanese. Intriguing!

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