I’ve been elfed

DJ Paterson writes:

Wow, four of my favourite authors getting into the festive spirit – Disco elf style.

Sorry – idle hands and all that.

I get it. This is payback for DJ’s win in Contest 2009, which led to him being turned into a cop with a baby face and possibly a big, retro-style Afro, in The Memory Collector.

But what did Mark Billingham, Peter Robinson, or Stephen King ever do to you, DJ?

That’s all right. I like the video. We got moves.

Watch the entire video.

5 responses to “I’ve been elfed

  1. Sorry.

    For the random comma.

    And as for Stephen King, Mark Billingham and Peter Robsinson, all I can say is it wasn’t me. The little people made me do it.

  2. That was great, good one DJ!

  3. That was elf-ing awesome. Nice work, DJ.

  4. A few years back, I did a JibJab of Night of the Living Republicans with me and Stephen King as the stars. It was so funny . Then he and I did a Mexican dance. They were great! Good job DJ, these always make me laugh.

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