2011: the year in review

This year has been full, and busy, and big. With books, and a tour, and conferences, and blog contests… but the biggest event for me took place over Fourth of July weekend, when my daughter, Kate (yes, Kate from this blog’s comments) got married. Ages ago some readers asked if I’d post photos. And so I asked Kate if she’d mind if I put up one or two…

Well, I’m a mom. I can’t control myself. I just can’t. So here’s a slideshow.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The photos: here are a couple of shots of Kate with her brothers, Nate and Mark; of the bride, bridesmaids, and me; of me girding the maid of honor for battle; of the bride; of the bride with the Dad, aka the Husband; of the bride and groom, David Lazo. The ceremony took place at Stanford Memorial Church. I’ve also included a couple of photos from the reception, where you can see how my family parties. The shot on the dance floor includes friends, relatives, the groom, the choir, a couple of Stanford deans, a former offensive lineman, and some blog commenters, with Kate leading the whole bunch in “Play That Funky Music.” This is how we roll.

For the gals who wanted to see my dress, there’s a shot of it as well. And if you’re wondering: Yes, it was yesterday that I was strapping Kate in her baby car seat. Heck, it was yesterday I walked onto the Stanford campus as an overwhelmed freshman and saw that church for the first time. I could barely figure out how to get to class. It never occurred to me that I’d ever be old enough to have kids, much less a daughter who would one day graduate from the university, work there, and walk down the aisle. To marry a Cal grad.

It was the highlight of the year, and the best party I’ve ever been to. We’re thrilled to welcome the Son-in-Law to the gang.

(And a thousand thanks to fabulous photographer Teresa Halton for capturing the day so beautifully.)

8 responses to “2011: the year in review

  1. Thanks for sharing Meg.

  2. Gorgeous, fun wedding! Fabulous photos! Thanks for the slideshow, Meg.

  3. Wonderful photos, looks like a magical day. Thanks for sharing, Meg.

  4. Great post, Meg. It was a wonderful event, and will make 2011 always memorable!

  5. Thanks for sharing. Looks like a wonderful day, with wonderful people.

  6. So beautiful. Congratulations to everyone. What a happy day!

  7. Great photos, Meg – and never being one to resist a hyperlink, there are some more fab photos on Teresa’s blog (July 2011)

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