Today in stupidity: star-spangled fines for singers

Forget American Idol. The Ministry of Patriotism and Correct Singing will judge your performance, if one Indiana state senator has her way.

Indiana bill could make it illegal to sing national anthem ‘inappropriately.’

Sen. Vaneta Becker, R-Evansville, has introduced a bill that would set specific “performance standards” for singing and playing “The Star-Spangled Banner” at any event sponsored by public schools and state universities.

The law also would cover private schools receiving state or local scholarship funds, including vouchers.

Performers would have to sign a contract agreeing to follow the guidelines. Musicians — whether amateur or professional — would be fined $25 if it were deemed they failed to meet the appropriate standards.

“The bill calls for schools to maintain audio recordings of all performances for two years and develop a procedure for dealing with complaints if a musician is alleged to have strayed from the approved lyrical or melodic guidelines.”

Land of the free, folks. Home of the brave.

2 responses to “Today in stupidity: star-spangled fines for singers

  1. What happens if your voice cracks on the high note? Do you get off with just a warning?

  2. Welcome to Europe.

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