Character research: awkward family photos

A random link for the first Saturday of 2012:  extremely awkward family photos.

A couple of observations: (1) When these images are unearthed 20,000 years from now, archaeologists will wonder if Americans of the 1980s worshipped humungous orbs of teased, sprayed hair. Honest to God, people look like they’ve been attacked by giant tribbles. (2) What’s with all the pregnant half-naked women toting automatic rifles?

The most remarkable thing: People posed for these photos. Proudly and deliberately.

And before any snarky commenters ask: These are not photos of my awkward family.

9 responses to “Character research: awkward family photos

  1. And before any snarky commenters ask: These are not photos of my awkward family.

    Asdif we would…mind you, there is that look…

  2. The scary thing is that the Tribbleheads are the least scary thing on that site. I made it as far as the guy cupping his naked, pregnant significant other’s (?) bare breasts while simultaneously flipping the bird with each hand. That takes class *and* talent. I’d laugh . . . if I weren’t aware that these people are *raising* *children*. Yikes.

  3. The amazing this is, people *paid* for (most) of these photos, looked at the proofs and said, “Yup, that’s the look I’m going for, print up a couple hundred copies…”

  4. It’s the feral child from Road Warrior. I wondered what his parents looked like. 😉

  5. Caption: Why The Missing Link remains in hiding.

  6. Oh crap. I had hair like that woman. And I thought I looked goooooood.

  7. There is so many comments to make here. What was with the pregnant woman and her man and the tire? And the Asian guy with flowers on his privates and nipples? and the naked fat woman with her half naked man with a sword? Whenever you get bored and have nothing to say Meg, grab one of those pictures and let us discuss it among ourselves. So much to say, so much to say.

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