Where in the world?

For fun, I’m going post photos I (or my family) have shot, and let you guess where they were taken. And yes, they’ll have something to do, at least loosely, with the settings in my novels.

Here’s the first. Anybody?

UPDATE: Answer below.

The photo was taken near The Dish at Stanford University, Palo Alto, California.

16 responses to “Where in the world?

  1. Looks like the foothills of Palo Alto, between Stanford U. and highway 280. Probably shot during the month of May, in the morning, with a candlestick. um. yeah.

    Or I am making up stuff just for fun.

  2. Headquarters for The Dish Network? :>)

  3. New Year’s Eve 2011 in Times Square, camoflaged by the latest masking-dish technology to resemble a meadow near Sherwood Forest. The only thing the dish can’t mask is itself.

  4. Camouflaged, darn it. I’d hate to be kicked out of the Grammar Geeks Spelling Unit.

  5. Somewhere with very poor reception for Sky TV

  6. Ah, have run this route many times. Maybe even with you? You certainly don’t look too sweaty though.

  7. Hmm, it’s not Kansas. And I checked the name of the photo to see if you named it “Just Outside of Barren Junction in Southern CA” or something; unfortunately , it’s just called “Dish” and now I’m wondering it that is in reference to the background or the foreground.

  8. Having never been there, I have had to use my detective skills and base my answer on the clues above. Or answer above, in the case of Glenn:

  9. Well, the uber-straight road and giant dish make me wonder if it’s beside some military base in the heart of the U S of A? (Yet your carefree smile is not edged with the slight fear and uncertainty of someone who loitering close to such a powerful establishment….)

  10. There’s Waldo! (You’re even wearing stripes).

  11. Oh wow, that’s Poppy’s (Barney’s) satellite dish beaming out its urgent message!
    I had no idea chihuahuas were that big in real life.

  12. Wherever it is, move away. It’s made you GIANT!

    I think this is near the underground speed track at Stanford?

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