Where in the world? Now with fan art.

The other day I asked, “Where in the world am I?” And you all got it right off the bat. The photo was taken near the Dish at Stanford University. The Dish is a radiotelescope, and “running the Dish” is local lingo for making you feel like you’re about to die. (Because of the steep hills. Not because of the cosmic rays.)

In the comments on the earlier post, Flakes said:

“Oh wow, that’s Poppy’s (Barney’s) satellite dish beaming out its urgent message! I had no idea chihuahuas were that big in real life.”

Her remark refers to this photo and to her prize-winning answer in Contest 2010:

“Poppy’s satellite dish beamed out its urgent message: ‘Come quick, Butterscotch! Must-have-satellite-dish-(wheeze)-loosened!'”

And I replied that it’s a good thing I don’t have Photoshop because I would be tempted to insert the dog into the photo, supersized.

Well, thanks to Flakes, now I can. Voila. Fan art! Thanks for that.

Next week: More Where in the world photos.

2 responses to “Where in the world? Now with fan art.

  1. hahoaheoaheaoha! That is great!

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