Today: Litopia After Dark

Today I’m going to be on Radio Litopia, talking about crime fiction with host Peter Cox and fellow writer Hilary Norman.

Litopia After Dark:  8 p.m. London / 3 p.m. Eastern / Noon Pacific.

If you listen live, you can chat with other listeners in the chat room. Click here to join the chat room.

The show will also be available as a podcast. Let me know if you hear it.

11 responses to “Today: Litopia After Dark

  1. I’ll be podcasting. It’s 7.02pm in London but 8.02am in New Zealand, so I’m at work. :o(

    Glorious weather though. :o)

  2. Thanks, DJ. Have fun practicing your smileys.

  3. Crap, did I miss it?

    DJ…. I had to laugh at you moving all the way from the English (er…. how do I say it without offending?) crap weather–to Wellington, New Zealand’s windiest city! (I’m not even going to try at a smiley here.)

  4. I missed it, too. Dangit! I’ll have to catch the podcast today.

    We don’t get together too often because of geographical reasons, but my two brothers and I watched a lot of NFL football this weekend. Good times, indeed.

    Meg: Did you see that San Francisco/New Orleans game?

    • I’ll post a note when the podcast is available. Glad folks are interested in listening.

      And no, I didn’t manage to see the Forty-Niners gloriously defeat the Saints – which kills me, since I’m a Niners fan going back to Joe Montana throwing to Dwight Clark in the end zone…

      • Holy smokes. It was incredible. I’m still trying to catch my breath. Three lead changes in the last 3 minutes?! “Comeback Joe” would have been proud…

  5. Had to decide between Litopia or CBC’s Writers & Co at the same time. Why are all the like-minded things on simultaneously? Thank goodness for podcasts.

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