Where in the world am I?

Name the location. One of my novels is partially set here.

13 responses to “Where in the world am I?

  1. Looks hot and humid, so I’ll go with Bangkok.

  2. Um, um, the one with the scene where Evan and Jesse are skyping when she gets attacked? That place.

    Of course, I could just run upstairs and check the book.

  3. Patti got it, I’m sure.

  4. I am guessing Bangkok also. I looked up that section in Kill Chain. What a great thriller. are we going to learn what has become of Georgia?

  5. I’m guessing Bangkok. too. Wherever, I just want to be there now. It’s snowing here.

  6. Likewise–we just finished digging out after a night and morning of snow squalls (~12 cm accumulated atop the car). Yippee. Why my various grandparents left their respective moderate, if rainy, climates for Canada, I’ll never know.

  7. Bangkok is correct. Well done.

    Susan also named the correct scene. But who will name the novel?

  8. Didn’t Rich? Wait, did you have multiple versions of Kill Chain published (perhaps with that new iPad app) and some don’t have Evan running around Bangkok with Jesse directing her by remote control?

  9. D’oh! Sorry about that. Why yes indeed, Rich did name the correct novel. And yes, in Kill Chain Evan sprints around Bangkok while Jesse directs her over the phone, trying to recall the street layout from some unnamed and potentially wild visit to the city in the past.

    And this will teach me not to comment before drinking at least three cups of coffee and putting on my glasses.

  10. What are you doing in Bangkok?

  11. Hmm, trying to recall if Evan was ever in Surrey.

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