Bloggy updates

Don’t freak out. Because I know you will. You’ll take the slight changes in the appearance of the blog as clear and frightening sign that the 2012 Apocalypse is imminent. It’s like going into the supermarket and discovering that the Doritos have been moved to Aisle 5. What’s happening? Oh, God, the Mayans were right…

Or not.

In any case, I’ve toyed with the header and sidebar, to mess with your heads and because I like to keep up to date with kids these days. Those wacky kids, always Facemiming and Tweetsquawking and such. I’ve added a Twitter feed, so you can glimpse what I’m up to in 140 characters. Yes, social media is coalescing into a huge hive mind. Its various forms are banding together into a seamless and unstoppable whole. Resistance is futile.

Wow, I need to put down the William Gibson and turn off Star Trek. And probably drink less coffee.

How’s your Monday?

6 responses to “Bloggy updates

  1. I just finished reading a Cthulhu Lovecraft book. That makes you think of apocalyptic wonders aswell. But of course, Dorito’s being moved is so much worse πŸ˜€ I have no idea what it is

  2. Up until you mentioned drinking coffee, I was sure John Scalzi had taken over your blog. And speaking of Scalzi, have you read about his Legendary Licked Book of Epic Confusion?

  3. I just finished an interview with a psychologist about pedophilia for one of my works in progress…don’t you love their comfy couches? This novel research stuff is too fascinating. πŸ™‚

  4. Oh dear. Despite the fact that I like to change the theme for my own blog from time to time, my immediate reaction when the page loaded was Woah!.
    Then I read the post title and first few sentences. 😳

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