My report from O’Hare: the would-be kitty assassin

Hi, Chicago! I am waving to you from Terminal 2 at O’Hare. Good to see you.

Now, random Internet stuff I have found while browsing from this fine city. The headline of the day:

FBI: Man tried to hire assassin, pin murder on cat.

(AP)  EAST ST. LOUIS, Ill. – Federal investigators helped by a conscientious paroled killer say they foiled a plot to abduct, extort and electrocute a wealthy man in a scheme they say borrowed elements from a television show and sought to blame the killing on the planned victim’s cat.

Now to board my next flight. It’s been fun, Windy City — thanks! Next time I’ll try to stay longer than two hours.

5 responses to “My report from O’Hare: the would-be kitty assassin

  1. Oh man! How about a little advanced notice next time, Meg?!
    We could have at least had a deep-dish pizza and some Goose Island root beer ready for you…
    Us Midwesterners are people too, you know…

    • If I’d been in Chicago long enough to leave the terminal I would have loved to have some deep-dish and root beer. Someday before too long, I hope…

  2. Kitty killers–a nurse friend of mine says that throw rugs and cats are at the top for causes of broken hips, so perhaps there’s a little malice aforethought. My dad’s prosthodontist (guy who makes parts when pieces of jaw are missing) was also a forensic odontologist (bite-mark expert) and had some cat-related advice. If you are a dog owner and fall down dead, your dog will lie down beside you and wait until someone comes. However, if you are a cat owner, try not to lie still for any length of time or there might not be quite so much left to find.

  3. Meg, don’t go! 🙂 Have fun sundancing…

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