Monster trucking for Jesus

I can’t tell whether this is a real photo or a mockup, but it doesn’t really matter: Somebody thought a Jesus Monster Truck needed imagining. And I hate to admit, but it wasn’t me. In China Lake, the Remnant drives around the desert planning the Apocalypse in pickup trucks. What was I thinking? The Jesus Monster Truck could have carried them all to their compound in the Mojave for some happy-clappy mayhem, with room for the baton-twirling triplets on the roof.

(Via Jesus Needs New PR.)

4 responses to “Monster trucking for Jesus

  1. It’s things like this that make me doubt the seriousness of the Recession.

  2. Jesus, The First American
    Satan, The First Foreigner
    Dingbats, It’s What’s for Supper

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