“A vicious fight involving vodka and supermodels.”

That got your attention, didn’t it? But there’s more.

Monaco royal hurt, former club owner charged in celebs’ NYC bar brawl.

Yes: spoiled, battling royals.

“Grace’s grandson left in a pulp after celebs’ Meatpacking melee.”

A vicious fight involving vodka and supermodels at a Meatpacking District nightclub sparked a royal beatdown that landed Monaco’s Prince Pierre Casiraghi in the hospital, The Post has learned.

The attack on the 24-year-old son of Princess Caroline and grandson of Grace Kelly came during a late-night confrontation between the prince and his playboy pals and former Manhattan club owner Adam Hock at trendy Double Seven on Saturday, witnesses and law-enforcement sources said.

But there’s even more.

Hock, 47, had been partying with friends — including Double Seven owner Jeffrey Jah, hairdresser-to-the-stars Joel Warren and catwalk stunners Natasha Poly, Valentina Zalyaeva and Anja Rubik — when Casiraghi strolled over to their table with shipping-scion pal and Paris Hilton ex Stavros Niarchos III and two other men at around 2:30 a.m., witnesses said.

Members of Hock’s group said the prince and his entourage “were being completely obnoxious,’’ insulting the models and swigging from a $500 bottle of vodka on Hock’s table.

A Greek shipping magnate’s son who’s Paris Hilton’s ex, a hairdresser-to-the-stars, and a club owner named “Jah.”

This wasn’t a brawl. It was the sequel to Zoolander.

Cop: “Who punched you?”

Playboy (looking pulpy): “Jah.”

Cop: “What are you, German? I know you got punched. I asked, who?”

Playboy: “No. Jah!”

Cop: “Stop messing around. Did you get punched or not?”

And, as my son has astutely pointed out, “coverage of ANYTHING with supermodels makes perfect sense.”

3 responses to ““A vicious fight involving vodka and supermodels.”

  1. I have a hard time spending more than $10 for a bottle of wine. Is there a separate planet for overprivileged underachievers? Should there be? At least the supermodels have to work for a living and live on lettuce and grapes.

  2. Coming soon as a skit on SNL! HAHAHA!

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