What I’m giving up for Lent

In previous years I’ve given up snark, and complaining. This year, for Lent I’m giving up trash TV. I tell you this so you can help keep me from breaking my pledge.

As for what’s trash — I have examined my conscience. Ice Road Truckers does not count.

Let me know what you think might or might not be trash TV. The Husband has already weighed in: Swamp People is not trash. It’s culture. (He is pointing out, even as I write, that the swamp people provide good lessons in anger management, compared to the ice road truckers or the fishermen on Deadliest Catch — “And the swamp people have guns and beer!”)

14 responses to “What I’m giving up for Lent

  1. Isn’t *all* trash culture?

  2. I still say that Toddlers and Tiaras is culture!

  3. If it doesn’t involve a coherent script, it’s trash. this pretty much leaves you with Dexter, Breaking Bad and Game Of Thrones. :>)

  4. Instead of giving up something, why not give something? e.g., for ever hour of tele-vision you watch, volunteer at the local animal shelter.

  5. I say give up Lent for Lent.

  6. The Swamp People? Missed that one! (goes to look at Radio Times)

  7. I absolutely love the promotion ad for Swamp People.

    “Go to sleep you little baby
    Go to sleep you little baby
    You’r mama’s gone away and you’r daddy’s gonna stay
    Didn’t leave nobody but the baby.”

  8. I would bring that here, but I don’t know how to post vids.

  9. For what it is worth, IMO all non-educational reality tv is trash. Doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy it, I will admit to having wasted many a Sunday afternoon watching MTV Made, the Kardashians (and the various spin-offs), hell I’ve even watched the Girls Next Door (or the Girls of the Playboy Mansion), Kendra and Holly’s World and I am currently a big fan of Cake Boss. And I must admit that I have usually been sucked into these show’s by Sunday afternoon back-to-back reruns. I usually get hooked for a while, loose interest and move on to the next thing for a while.

  10. I hope the abstinence is working out well for you!

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