NASCAR, illiterate?

Author Julie Compton writes:

Daytona 500 Race. I’m sitting in the stands, watching the race, flipping through the “Official Souvenir Program.” On page 158, I come across the “Kid Zone” with a fill-in-the-blank puzzle. Anyone else see a problem with this “teaching” tool?

If the image isn’t clear, here’s an excerpt.

“The Daytona 500 is called ‘The Great American _____’ (verb) and has been won by 35 different _____s (verb).
…. Dale Earnhardt _____ (verb) the race in 1998. When he won, the rest of the _____s (verb) lined up on _____ (adjective) _____ (noun) to _____ (verb) his hand.

Julie: I think this is the perfect teaching tool. NASCAR Mad Libs. Go wild, kids.

5 responses to “NASCAR, illiterate?

  1. Alas (verb). Alack (noun). Why? (pronoun).

  2. This is why students can’t ________ (noun) papers in college anymore. And many Americans would be proud of Nascar for failing to ______ (adjective) the difference between different ____s (verb) of speech – after all, only _______ (verb) _______s (adverb) care about such things. _____ (interjection)!

  3. Arrrrrgh…. never-mind the illiterate Nascarites–Meg’s had a change of Blog!

    It’s okay, my heart rate is returning to normal.

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