Coming soon: Teen Exorcist TV

Jezebel points out this story about a trio of perky teens who were on Anderson Cooper this week, and says: “Teen Exorcists Shopping Reality Show Can’t Possibly Be Faking.”

Golly, what was that about splitting headaches? Watching the video has given me one. I must be demonically possessed.

And once again, this is why I feel baffled when people ask me where I get my ideas. I don’t have to search for ideas. They jump out and smack me in the face.

4 responses to “Coming soon: Teen Exorcist TV

  1. Oh. My. …God? I suppose it could be worse, they could be out spray painting slogans on the side of buildings or, heaven forbid, procreating.

  2. Be careful. If your eyes widened while you were watching this, it might be a sign of demonic possession. I have to say, though, what demon *wouldn’t* flee terrified if one of these three approached . . .? Heathers Meets The Exorcist.

  3. I wonder if after the show, they held Anderson Cooper down and tried to caste the “gay demon” out of him. Unfortunately I think they’d rather do exorcisms on weak-minded teenage girls and poor uneducated Africans. (And yes….if you were not aware, Anderson Cooper is gay)

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