Today in Weird Crime: Mercury, cannons, sharks

Today’s top crime headlines:

“Young mum’s bizarre mercury ‘plot’ to poison ex-lover.” The idea to pour mercury from a thermometer into his drink, she says, came to her in a dream, and wasn’t real. The prosecution has pointed out that she spent nine months researching mercury poisoning on the Internet.

California man arrested after girlfriend killed by cannon blast. Really.

Knife-wielding kite surfer defeats Red Sea sharks. Okay, this isn’t a crime story, but it’s still the headline of the week.

Faced with rising waves and approaching nightfall the Gdansk-born Polish kite surfing champion and instructor sent out his first SOS signal, but it took nearly 40-hours for the Saudi Arabian coastguard to find him.

Lisewski — who became the first person to kite surf across the Baltic Sea last year — survived the ordeal with help of energy drinks, some water, two energy bars and a trusty knife to fight off sharks up to six meters (yards) long.

“I was stabbing them in the eyes, the nose and gills,” Lisewski told Polish state news agency PAP.

And just when you think it’s safe to go back in the water.

(Thanks to Gregg Hurwitz for the last two links.)

4 responses to “Today in Weird Crime: Mercury, cannons, sharks

  1. Jeez, I really need to spice up my life a little.

  2. And because Facebook scares me a little…. 😳

    Meg: Brainstorming. Time to choose character names. Note to my husband, kids, and mother: This is why I have pulled out the “10,000 Baby Names” book.”

    So, if I write down my name (or the name of someone I’d liked to have submitted) and you grasp it with greedy oh-yes-by-God-that’s-it fingers… does this mean I could (lie) tell the world that “oh yes, I won a Meg Gardiner character in my next book contest?”

    No? Okay, but it was worth a crack…

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